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Binary Kitchen public night each monday

On Monday Nights we come together to work on projects socialize and share knowledge.

Whether you're interested in electronics, textiles, programming, 3d printing, crafting, … you are invited! Starting at 7pm there will be members that gladly show you around.

Walderdorffstr. 13b
93053 Regensburg

ÖPNV: Bus 2A Safferlingstrasse
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Kitchen Monday Weekly Open Kitchen Monday - Each Montag from 19:00 Uhr.
Offene Werkstatt / Open Lab Open Lab and Open Workshop: Each first saturday of the month
Ham Radio Course 2017/18 from 13.10.2017 at Binary Kitchen each Friday starting at 18:00
34c3 #tuwat December 27th to 30th in Leipzig.

Mehr Veranstaltungen

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror made of Ikea Ribba 50×50 Frames. One frame is used for the backplane, including display, raspberry pi, power adapter and electronis. The front frame contains a semi-transparent mirror.

Home / Space Automation

Saft-Throwies, heating control, motion detectors, KitchenMood, door access and more

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Binary Kitchen

de: binäre Küche · ja: バイナリーキッチン · fr: Cuisine binaire · cn: 二进制厨房 · ru: Двоичная кухня · he:מטבח בינארי · ml: ബൈനറി പാചകം · pa: ਬਾਈਨਰੀ ਖਾਣਾ ਪਕਾਉਣ · ko: 이진 요리 · hy: Երկուական խոհարարություն · gu: Երկուական խոհարարություն · ar: الطبخ ثنائي · km: ចម្អិនអាហារគោលពីរ · ne: बाइनरी खाना पकाउने · el: Δυαδική μαγειρική

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