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We meet every Monday evening in the Binary Kitchen.

On Mondays we work on projects or discuss in a relaxed atmosphere. All those interested are kindly invited! From 7 p.m. you can meet members who are happy to offer a guided tour.

Binary Kitchen e.V.
Walderdorffstr. 13b
93053 Regensburg

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We are approx. 20 minutes walk from the main station. However, you can shorten this with the help of the RVV (public transport by bus). The most suitable lines are 2A/B and 9 stop Safferlingstraße.
If it gets late, you can also take the N9 line home at a later hour.
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Upstairs we have an approx. 30m² large lounge with many comfortable sofas and a few tables. There is electricity, WLAN and drinks. Here you can talk about new and old projects and ideas and exchange ideas with other interested people.

We also have a well-equipped kitchen. With a vending machine, a field telephone and a dishwasher. As well as enough cooking utensils for cooking, baking and food hacking.

You reach the cellar via the stairs past the „server room“:

Passing another beverage vending machine and Arcadeautomaten you come to our electronics workshop:

Guarded by Igor, our „Messknecht“ (laboratory rack), this is the area for hardware experiments and handicrafts.

The expansion is progressing gradually and the soldering/workstation currently looks something like this:

Here is a description of the laboratory equipment.

"Normaler" Bauteilfundus / Verbrauchsmaterial

Bastelkiste++: Spezial-Fundus

Schrottkiste / Kruschkiste: Geräte und Teile zum Ausschlachten oder sonstwie verbasteln.

On further 30m² one can work here and use the different tools and resources.

During the last renovation at the beginning of 2017, we unexpectedly discovered another room and created another workplace there. At the end of 2017 it was converted into a radio room for the amateur radio group.

In order to enable easy communication in our premises, most of the rooms were equipped with field telephones.

At the end of 2017 we opened our werkspace, which includes two more workrooms for sawing and drilling and everything else that is dusty. These rooms are on the opposite side of the street.

Every 1st Saturday of the month we open the werkspace (and the rest of the hackspace) to everyone for our OpenLab.

The werkspace offers besides numerous tools enough space for a lot of work. The two workbenches in the main room can be moved at any time thanks to castors. This creates one or two work islands if required.

In the second room there is another soldering station and enough space to set up your laptop.

In both rooms there is a compressed air connection and enough sockets for numerous tools. There is also a shed for storage.

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