Ausgehendes Blockieren von 0900 Rufnummern


On the System Recordings page, select Built-in Recordings and build a recording using these settings:

  • Name: Blocked
  • Descriptive Name: „We are sorry, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable. Please contact technical support.“
  • Files:
    • sorry
    • the-number-u-dialed
    • is-curntly-unavail
    • please-contact-tech-supt

On the Announcements page, create a new announcement:

  • Name: Blocked
  • Recording: Blocked
  • Destination After Playback: Terminate call (Congestion)

On the Misc Applications page, create a new application:

  • Name: Play blocked message
  • Feature Code: *999
  • Destination: Announcements (Blocked)

On the Trunks page, create a new Custom Trunk

  • Name: BlockedTrunk
  • Custom Dial String: Local/*999@from-internal

On the Outbound Routes page, create a new Route:

  • Name: Blocked Routes
  • Trunk Sequence: BlockedTrunk
  • Dial Patterns:
    • prefix: 0900
    • match pattern: .
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