Create face shields (not a medicin product, a last resort for protecting faces from droplets, which e.g. contain viruses as COVID-19)

They consist of two parts:
1) a 3D printed head mount (e.g. Prusa Verison
2) a laser cut sheet made of transparent PET. data sheet

We got a roll of 200m (50kg) A-PET. The sheet is clear and transparent, thickness 450µm. Its save to be used in the laser, no toxic fumes are created. Do not use PVC since it contains chlorine.

Start with feeding the roll into the laser through the closed door. For that level the table with the door and set the working distance for the lens using the screw at the lens holder.

Place 4 magnets on the face of the to-be shields as well as some to secure the roll

The laser takes 61 seconds for 4 shields, a trained human takes about 30 seconds to feed new material in.
We have been able to produce 200 shields in about 2 hours.

Printing the 200 head mounts will take another 200 hours.

The template cuts also the roll at the end, no need to precut sheets. That saves time and material.
We are using Lightburn, in particular the recent updated version 0.9.10 which can nicely combine duplicate cutting lines to save some cuts and time, we used this settings on our Nova35:

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