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Binary Kitchen is a registered non-profit association (german explanation). It was founded in February 2013 with the aim to create and run a hack space in Regensburg. A Hack Space is a realm, where technology, IT and sciense enthusiasts meet, share knowledge, collaborate and work on projects (german link) or plan events (german link).

Start of 2014 we finally rented our physical space. After the required initial renovation work, we are now equipping the space and the workshop to enable us to perform the future tasks ahead. If you are interrested in participating or in supporting us in any way, please feel free to join us at one of our meetings.

Weekly meetings are sheduled each Monday at the Binary Kitchen hack space. People will work on projects as well as chat about any topic in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Walderdorffstr. 13b
93053 Regensburg
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Additional information can be found here:

Although most communication on these channels takes place in german, please feel free to drop us some lines in english. Your mileage may vary greatly when using other languages :-).

We also produce our own, german, podcast named Lebercast.




Lab / Workshop

Everything concerning our hardware hacking area can be found here: Igors' cave



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